Our Team
Lance is the founder of Loot Pool, a Top 5 Cardano staking pool. James has been involved in several blockchain projects and initiatives since early 2014. Suyash architected and built the Horizon Africa Blockchain (HABN) in 2018. Shubham is a talented artist and host of Canvas Stories. We all share a passion for experiencing amazing works from talented people irrespective of where they are from.
Lance Baker
James Duchenne
Venture Management
Suyash Sumaroo
Shubham Hanuman
Arts & Creations
Jailesh Raggoo
Executive Advisor
Benjamin Leff
Chief Relationship Advisor
Andy Godwin
Strategic Advisor
Adam Richard
Jim Joseph
John Trehune
Alexander Johnson
Myrtle Anne
Suril Desai
Benito Elisa
Vishnu Gupta
Asha Moodoo
Tech Team
Severine Julie
Tech Team
Shareefa Abram
Jessica Thompson
Melanie Kondo
Communications Administrator
Shyashree Chaatterjee
Work on Technology
We definitely have our work cut out for us, especially in transitioning to a decentralized ecosystem. We love working with serious people that live and breathe technology and have a no-nonsense attitude. If that’s you, we’d love for you to reach out.
Permissioned Blockchain
Decentralised Autonomous Organisation
Partner with Us
We have been fortunate to put together a partnership ecosystem with some serious hitters. You may not know some of them but they are hard at work delivering solutions. We fit together like pieces of a puzzle. Reach out if you would like to partner with us.
Co-founder of Loot NFT
Co-founder of Loot NFT
The auction research company from 2020
Co-founder of Loot NFT
Blockchain network partner
Venture Platform Services
Dedicated software development team
Centralized infrastructure partner
Community outreach and Creators video segments
Creators' Agent
Creators' Agent
Creators' Agent
Creators' Agent
Want to partner?
Community Administration

Support Staff

Be part of our team to answer questions from our members and broader community. The attitude to have is that of a person that provides white gloved services. It does not matter where you live, we are all connected virtually and our staff work remotely.


Love chit chatting, this is for you!

Media Relations

Share our why, what and how with the world.

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