We discovered that combining tokens of a limited supply with a time-locked wallet, when arranged in particular ways, created some amazing embodiments. We bring to life our patent pending process with the Loot NFT platform.

Exclusive Club

The BUN is used to prove active membership and to invite new members.

Members must have BUNs in their account to login. However, BUNs may not be available if they are locked in the Oven. New and inactive members must wait until the Oven recirculates BUNs to sign up or log in.

Fair Participation

Members must pay a joining fee to participate in an auction which increases over time. 

The limited BUN supply, the Oven, and the maximum allowable BUN per member account create a subset of auction participants from early-birds that prices out late comers. This seeds an auction early that can reach self-sustaining fervor. In turn, more value is obtained by NFT creator’s, resellers and auction winners.

Wealth is no Advantage

Battle bidding is a game of skill where anyone can win.

Members spend one BUN to bid in a pay-to-bid style. This means that members do not have to fork out the full value of an NFT on auction, and rather one bid placed can do the trick. Further, the Oven ensures that the circulating supply of BUNs reduces over time, further amplifying the use of strategy while bidding.

Targeted Rewards

The Oven distributes rewards based on participation level. Completing sets of NFTs fuels more participation.

NFTs are offered as part of a collection, which, if completed, gives members a mystery gift and more BUN rewards out of the Oven, than would otherwise have been obtained. This is a de-facto NFT staking. 

Decentralized Governance

The Oven distributes rewards based on participation level. Completing sets of NFTs fuels more participation.

By creating smart contracts that govern the use of BUNs, we can dismantle most centralized infrastructure with blockchain based interactions. This results in a royalty-like situation for the creators of the platform over the long term. As such, there is no need for team BUN token allocations.

Permissioned Blockchain

We use a permissioned infrastructure for high volume transactions and fixed fee pricing. 

HABN validators accept a per API call fee that is baked into Loot NFT such that members do not have to handle or pay gas fees for transactions. 

Managing Physical Items

Our vault to custody physical creations linked to NFTs.

A strong custody program for unique physical creations ensures that NFTs tied to those works are not fakes and that the provenance is vetted.
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