Welcome to the world’s first NFT talent show! We love the passion that creators bring when shaping and sharing their work to the world. NFTs we list for auction come in various flavors, whether digital or digital and physical, such as paintings, sculptures, mechanical objects, etc.


All NFTs are unique (1 of 1) and part of a themed set of 5. We commission your creation for a particular set. 

Curation Process

Every NFT we auction goes through a curation process. You must show that the creation is yours, and grant us the exclusive right to list it for auction on your behalf. We can also purchase it outright from you. 

Information and Files

Provide us with the digital file and the relevant description that captures your creation. You must provide us with 4k images if your creation is physical.


We tokenize the creation as an NFT and list it for auction. These will show up first in the "Upcoming" section and go live in the auction arena on a first come, first served basis. 

Getting Paid

For consignments, you get paid 40% of the proceeds from the auction in USDC. If digital, payment is made within 24 hours. For physical creations, we must receive the creation before payment is made. We will arrange for shipping at our cost.
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