Listing Your Work

Welcome to the world's first NFT talent show! We love the passion that creators bring when shaping and sharing their work to the world. NFTs our curators list for auction come in various flavors, whether digital or digital and physical, such as paintings, sculptures, mechanical objects, etc.


All NFTs are unique (1 of 1) and part of a themed set (or collection) of 5 unique works. 

Curation Process

Only curators have a key to list and get paid the proceeds from auctions. They partner with creators from around the world, mint NFTs from the Loot NFT portal. They are entrusted with the custody of physical items (we have two facilities on either side of the world available to curators, free of charge, if they want to custody the physical creations there).

Certificate of Authenticity

All creations must be accompanied with a certificate of authenticity and non-reproduction from the creator for the purposes of listing on Loot NFT. All creations must be free from lien and other encumbrances. 


Curators participate in a round-robin process to list NFTs on auction, with each curator having a turn every 24 hours to publish an NFT to Loot Arena. If they miss their turn, they lose their spot in the next round-robin.

Getting Paid

100% of the value shown on the auction is paid to the curators with no commissions. Curators, in a separate agreement with creators negotiate the commercial terms for the auction proceeds.
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