Who We Are

We are veterans of the blockchain field. James is an early bitcoin adopter since early 2014, Lance runs a top 5 Cardano staking pool, and Suyash built the Horizon Africa blockchain (HABN) in 2018. We have come together to provide a trampoline for creators using highly entertaining auctions. Members’ bids used in auctions for NFTs are also votes of appreciation for creators. We’ve used every tool in the arsenal to achieve this: from fungible and non-fungible tokens, to permissioned and private blockchains and more. 

The Origins

In March 2021, we started with a simple idea: a battle bidding auction arena for NFTs using the Cardano blockchain. As the concept evolved, we found that the combination of a limited token and a time-locked wallet used in an exclusive club created some amazing gamified outcomes. This led to our patent pending process. What you see is simply the tip of the iceberg; the machinery that makes it all work is intricate. 

Solving Puzzles

We needed several puzzle pieces to mesh for Loot NFT to become a reality. For two months, we brought together partners, team members, past technology we shelved, and more. We then rapidly proceeded to put all these together and in May 2021 we had a working product. While we are a start up, we are not looking to raise capital; we simply want Loot NFT to be experienced by everyone.

Promised Land

First, we want to build a business that provides value to creators, our members, and ourselves. Then, we intend to experiment a new exit strategy whereby we entrust the governance of Loot NFT to our members, a foundation, and the blockchain in a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) while retaining a royalty out of the value the ecosystem provides to all. We aim to show that a business can be self-sustaining and enduring without centralized control as long as the blockchain on which it rides, lives on.
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