Who We Are

We are veterans of the blockchain field. James is an early bitcoin adopter since 2013, Lance runs a top 5 Cardano staking pool, and Suyash built the Horizon Africa blockchain (HABN) in 2018. Shubham is a talented artist from Mauritius. We have come together to provide a trampoline for creators and good causes worldwide using highly entertaining auctions.

The Origins

In March 2021, we started with a simple idea: a battle-bidding auction arena for NFTs. As the concept evolved, we articulated the process to use NFTs as blocks in a chain that mined a token by paying talented NFT creators. Using a gamified arcade business model, we built a shop on redeeming and using our native token. We tied this to a fantasy world that works just like the real world. This led to a patent-pending process, which we released as a commercial product on 1 July 2021. 

Solving Puzzles

We needed several puzzle pieces to mesh for Loot NFT to become a reality. We brought together partners, team members, past technology we had previously shelved. We then rapidly proceeded to put all these together, and in May 2021, we were testing our product. While we are a start-up, we are not looking to raise capital; we want the Loot NFT ecosystem to be experienced by everyone.

Promised Land

First, we want a business that provides value to an ecosystem; creators get paid for their work, and miners receive tokens that can be used to buy products and services. Second, we plan to entrust our users with the decisions on changing the parameters of the ecosystem. Third, our platform has built-in modules, and when we believe we are mature enough, we will start decentralizing all of these components carefully, one at a time. We hope to show that businesses can be self-sustaining and enduring without centralized control.
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